InformatoreAR for Unicoop Firenze

A new touchpoint for communicating to members

About the Project

How do you build trust in a brand? How do you convey credibility and authority to your customers? If there is one challenge that most engages companies today, it is the ability to succeed in creating a sincere, authentic and engaging relationship with people. Communicating, conveying and sharing concrete values and actions is the way forward to capture the public's increasingly volatile heart and attention. 

Unicoop Firenze knows this well, and has relied on Augmented Reality from Augmented Reality Studio to get even closer to its members. For Unicoop Firenze, we developed InformatoreAR, an app entirely dedicated to the dissemination and promotion of initiatives, events and business and other activities related to the cooperative, to be used within the printed and digital Informatore magazine. 

A truly smart, innovative and environmentally sustainable way of giving exclusive access to content from the Unicoop world for all members. 

Take a look too, in this use case you can start right from the magazine cover. Frame it to find out what content it hides!

InformatoreAR for Unicoop Firenze
InformatoreAR for Unicoop Firenze

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