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Augmented Reality Studio

Augmented Reality Studio lets inexperienced creators design interactive AR experiences from scratch, or with the aid of pre made templates.
Download the Augmented Reality Studio App from the App Store or the Google Play Store and log in to start

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How It Works

Augmented Reality Studio App

Download Augmented Reality Studio App for compatible devices and start testing.

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1. Download

Download the Augmented Reality Studio app for compatible devices.

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2. Login

Login using your credentials to start testing your experiences.


3. Frame

Focus on the test target and preview in real time all the elements you have designed.


4. Test

Interact with CTAs, video, buttons... And if experience works, send it in content review.

Augmented reality make it easy

The AR editor you have been waiting for

Choose one of our templates that best suit your business needs or give freely to your ideas with our software configurator.
Our showcase page offers solutions for different scenarios, including engaging books and illustration for education, customization of business cards and curriculum vitae, artistic and design experiences to boost interactivity, retail solution to attract customers to your stores (online and offline).


Your projects in your hand

All your projects are stored in our content cloud and can be easily accessed via the web platform.Upload, edit and manage content then download th app and login with credentials received during registration to start testing the AR experience preview before sending your project for admin's approval.

Show the world your creations

When you are pleased with the outcome, it's time to put your work out there for others to see.
Engage, inspire, surprise. Shape the world around you with Augmented Reality and you will have the chance to improve business outcomes and enhance your branding strategies, everything with far less effort to Augmented Reality Studio.

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Customize your app

Augmented Reality with your own Branded App

We can develop a brand new Augmented Reality app to reach your customers with your unique values.
With a white label solution your brand is easily added to a ready-to-use Augmented Reality App.
Contact our sales team today.

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